Kitty Jun-im McLaughlin in Line Space Colour

by Philip Gowman on 6 October, 2009

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Photo2Kitty Jun-im McLaughlin participates in a group exhibition comprising new work by six London-based artists at 5 Fountayne Road, London, N15 4QL. Nearest Tube Seven Sisters.

Exhibition dates 6 – 18 October 2009. Open every day, 12-6pm

1, who provides the small blobs of paint which are the sole deviation from the pure white in Park’s work. Park has a gallery in Insadong in downtown Seoul. Go visit when you’re next in the area, <a title="See bottom of Acta Koreana article" href="'s.html">like the Queen did</a>.</p> <blockquote><p>Compared to the aristocratic elegance of Koryo celadon or the austerity of Choson white porcelain, punch’ong embodies the underlying, traits and sentiments of commoners. It is notably dynamic and richly humorous, while exuding a freedom and naturalness that blurs the line between art work and frivolity.</p></blockquote> <p>I quote from a useful article in <a title="Acta Koreana article" href="'s.html">Acta Koreana</a>. However, I found the reinventions of the (to me) slightly coarse Buncheong tradition, and some of other stoneware & earthenware works, the least interesting part of the exhibition. (Judge for yourself on the <a title="Festival link - scroll to bottom of page" href="">festival website</a> – click on any of the artist’s names) Maybe I’m not a man of the people. I could however see how I might get to appreciate them more, given time. Before the show, I couldn’t confess to being in to pots at all. I went to the exhibition out of polite academic interest. I left converted, with a passion to possess. Thanks to Stephanie for pulling this show together.</p> " data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" src="" alt="Click to enlarge" title="Map" width="120" height="99" class="right size-thumbnail wp-image-139" />

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The essence of Kitty’s work derives from her integration of the duality of her experience of Korean and British culture, weaving them together to present an original and imaginative retelling of the influence of experience on the subject. The rich, tactile surfaces of her paintings, composed of rhythmic, linear elements cross the canvas in layers of Korean Hanji paper.

Kitty Jun-im McLaughlin

Kitty Jun-im McLaughlin


  1. Thanks to Dr Soyang Park for additional information on Park Young-sook, including the Lee U-hwan connection. []

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