Here are the people who regularly contribute to LKL. Most of the correspondents are multi-talented and will write about anything, but where they have a particular specialism this is indicated in the arbitrary title I have given them. More contributors are always welcome.

The contributors listed here are those who have at least two articles published on this site (and who have provided their biographies).

PhilipPhilip Gowman, Editor

All-round Korea enthusiast, Philip will turn his hand to writing about most things. Further ramblings about how he got interested in Korea are included in the About page. When not running this site and cajoling other people to contribute as well, he does something in a bank in the City of London (hence the occasional dull article on bank regulation)

The all-rounders:

Jennifer BarclayJennifer Barclay

Jennifer Barclay became interested in Korean traditional culture during a three-month tour of the country and subsequent research that led to a book. She loves live cultural festivals, interviewing people with a special connection to Korea’s history or culture, and sampling Korean food. In her day job, she’s the editorial and rights director of a book publishing company based in Sussex.

Links: Jennifer’s articles | Jennifer’s page at Author Sites

MatthewMatthew Jackson

Having become acquainted with Korea on a random summer visit to a monastery in Pohang, Matthew has since become more involved in promoting Korea’s little-known history and culture in the UK. Recently, he appears to be unable to do this unless he is dressed in hanbok.

Links: Matthew’s articles | Korea Spirit and Culture Promotion Project

Peter CorbishleyPeter Corbishley

Peter was a man with a fascination for understanding Korean society and culture, low-brow or hi, present and historical. He was a great friend of Korea, a guest member and helper of the Korean Artists Association, and Committee member of the Anglo-Korean Society. He also ran the Franciscan School in Seoul, 2001-2002. He lost his battle with cancer on 12 October 2013 and will be sadly missed.

Links: Peter’s articles

Michael Rank

Michael Rank is a journalist specialising in Korea (particularly the mysterious North) and China and has written many articles on North Korea for Asia Times and the now sadly defunct North Korea Zone. He is also a Chinese-English translator and has a smattering of Korean. He enjoys attending events at the Korean Cultural Centre and watching the occasional Korean film.

Links: Michael’s articles | Michael’s personal blog

Shouvik DattaShouvik Datta

Shouvik teaches English as a Foreign Language (ESOL), and spent a year teaching ESOL English at an elementary school in Incheon, South Korea. He often visits the Korean Cultural Centre, where he is interested in the talks on art, film and history. He is a member of the Anglo-Korean Society, as well as other societies such as the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society.

Links: Shouvik’s articles

The specialists:

Beccy KennedyBeccy Kennedy, Visual Arts Correspondent

Beccy Kennedy’s interest in Korean art was sparked when she embarked upon an MA in the History of Art and Archaeology at SOAS, 2005; she has been exploring contemporary Korean art ever since. Her current research focus, in the form of a doctorate, examines the rise of Korean art in Britain. Beccy teaches freelance and is an Associate Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University. She practises drawing and collage as a hobby, time permitting! Further Korean art contacts welcome… B.M.Kennedy [at] mmu [dot] ac [dot] uk

Links: Beccy’s articles | Beccy’s blog, Writing the Anti-thesis

Anna Lindgren, Indie Music Correspondent

A Swede with geek tendencies, Anna’s initial online presence was her own music blog at Stuck with Free Music, after which she become an active participant at This year she established, with orienkorean, the Korean Indie Music news site Indieful ROK. When not interviewing interesting musicians for LKL and scouring the web for news of the latest upcoming cool bands, she does something complicated in telecoms.

Links: Anna’s articles | Anna’s blog, Indieful ROK

Kay, aka Saharial, K-pop Correspondent

Kay, a music enthusiast with a love of Korean hip-hop and pop, has been following the Korean music scene since mid 2004 and doesn’t see herself quitting any time soon. When not writing for LKL she runs an international fan forum and two fansites dedicated to Shinhwa, writes fiction and squeezes in the odd k-drama or film. When not doing any of this she works in Soho in VFX post-production for film.

Links: Saharial’s articles | Saharial’s blog, Counting Pulses

Aashish GadhviAashish Gadhvi, Sports Correspondent

Aashish is a Korean sports nut and passionately follows Korean football. He currently works for BBC Sport and covered Korean sports at the Beijing Olympics. He also has a wide knowledge of Korean film, having studied Film at University, and is currently studying a Masters degree in Documentary.

Links: Ash’s articles

Thanks to one-off contributors too (Stephanie Kim, Susan Pares, Hu Puzhong, Mark Russell, Mark Morris, Béatrice Colbrant, Claire O’Connell, Jeon Sung-min, Jason Bechervaise, Jo Wakely – here’s hoping you contribute again), and to those who haven’t got around to giving me their bios yet (Grace Kim, Jenny Wu)

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