Monthly events lists

Here are the events lists which LKL posts on the first day of every month. The lists cover the upcoming calendar month. I sometimes remember to update these posts if I get late notice of an event during the course of a month which I didn’t know about before posting these lists. But sometimes I don’t. But I usually remember to update our Google Calendar, where you can also find events further into the future.

February seems to be the month of artist talks, among other things: Exhibitions and artist talks Dialogues of Space closes at the KCC on 6 Feb, and artist Onejoon Che has a talk on 2 Feb. Noh Suntag has two parallel solo shows at 43 Inverness Street (all month) and Fitzrovia Gallery (closing 26 Feb), […]


January events 2016

by Philip Gowman 2 January 2016
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Two highlights this month: In-Sook Chappell’s new play and Han Kang’s new novel. Performance There are still a couple of performances remaining of Mia Chang’s well-reviewed You for Me for You at the Jerwood Theatre upstairs at the Royal Court Theatre In-Sook Chappell’s new play, P’yongyang, is at the Finborough Theatre, 5 – 30 January. […]

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December events

by Philip Gowman 1 December 2015
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Screenings The last of this year’s TV drama screenings at the KCC also has a panel talk, 3 Dec. Yu Hyun-mok’s Guests of the Last Train screens at RCA Battersea on 8 December Exhibitions Sora Kim’s exhibition at the KCC closes on 4 December Hyun Jeung’s solo show, Beauté Anonyme, is at Mokspace, 4 – […]

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November events

by Philip Gowman 1 November 2015
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The London Korean Film Festival is the highlight of the month, but there’s plenty more besides. Exhibitions The KCC’s Artist of the Year exhibition, Sora Kim’s 2, 3, continues all month. There’s an exhibition of film posters at the Picturehouse Central during the film festival. Shine Artists in Albemarle Gallery hosts a solo show by […]

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October events 2015

by Philip Gowman 1 October 2015
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Whatever happened to this year? I can’t believe it’s October already. Here are some of the events for the month: Film I am Sun Mu, a documentary about a North Korean artist defector, screens at Raindance on 3 October The BFI London Film Festival has four Korean films: the latest Hong Sang-soo, the gentle documentary […]

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September events 2015

by Philip Gowman 1 September 2015
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This month is music month. And Chuseok. Music The K-music Festival is a month-long event with seven groups performing: SU:M at the Purcell Room on 1 September The Barberettes at the Forge, Camden, on 4 and 5 September No Brain at the Scala, 11 September Jambinai at the Rich Mix, 16 September Noreum Machi at […]

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August events 2015

by Philip Gowman 1 August 2015
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This is a busy month… Festivals We’re already well into Kingston Welcomes Korea, which lasts until 8 August. A schedule of events can be found here. The KTO and KCC have combined to put on a big event in Trafalgar Square, 9 August. Full details here. The Edinburgh Fringe has at least seven Korean performance […]

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July events 2015

by Philip Gowman 1 July 2015
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Books, talks and discussion Hyeonseo Lee has three separate events to launch her memoir, on 1, 2 and 3 July. You may have come across a trail or two in the Guardian and the Times. Ambassadors Hay and and Gifford update the British Korean Society on the UK-Korea relationship on 6 July Ko Un appears with […]

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June events 2015

by Philip Gowman 1 June 2015
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Screenings This month’s director at the KCC is Kim Tae-yong. Family Ties (2006) screens on 11 June and Memento Mori / Whispering Corridors 2 (1999) on 25 June. The TV drama pilot episode screenings this month, on 4 June, are Mama and Big Man Hong Sang-soo’s The Day a Pig Fell in the Well screens […]

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May events 2015

by Philip Gowman 1 May 2015
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Conversations and seminars Hwang Sok-yong will be launching the English translation of Princess Bari at Asia House on 13 May as part of the Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival 2015 (discount available for LKL readers) Two seminars at SOAS: Producing Political Landscape on the Korean Peninsula (Robert Winstanley-Chesters and Sherri Ter Molen, 1 May) and Female Same-Sex Marriage […]

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April events 2015

by Philip Gowman 1 April 2015
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Here are the events I know of for April, though I’ve probably missed some. Let me know which. Film The controversial film Diving Bell / The Truth Shall not Sink with Sewol will be screening at the Raindance Centre on 16 April, the first anniversary of the tragedy. The KCCUK is featuring Hong Sang-soo’s early […]

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March events 2015

by Philip Gowman 1 March 2015
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Music The last chance to see the DPRK Para Ensemble is 2 March in Cambridge Sunwook Kim performs Bach, Beethoven and Moussorgsky at the QEH on 3 March Unsuk Chin’s opera Alice in Wonderland gets its UK premiere in a cut-down orchestration at the Barbican on 8 March Joo Yeon Sir embarks on a cycle […]

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February events 2015

by Philip Gowman 1 February 2015
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Exhibitions As we get to London Fashion Week, the KCC’s first exhibition of the year is Style Sharing, as part of the International Fashion Showcase, from 16 February Prudential Eye award winner Shin Meekyoung has a solo show at HADA Contemporary from 5 February Hur Shan’s solo show at Gazelli Art House continues all month […]

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January events 2015

by Philip Gowman 2 January 2015
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Here are some of the events for the first month of 2015: Music and dance The first event of the New Year is a performance by Korean / Japanese experimental musical duo Tengger, in the Redchruch Brewery in Bethnal Green, 7 January Violinist Joo Yeon Sir has recitals at St Martin-in-the-Fields (9 January) and the National […]

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December events 2014

by Philip Gowman 4 December 2014
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The focus on North Korea continues into this month, with North Korea Freedom Week commencing 8 December. Talks and seminars 1. North Korea and the Korean peninsula Chatham House hosts a half day conference on Security on the Korean Peninsula on 3 Dec The Daiwa Foundation hosts a session on Dealing with North Korea on […]

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November events 2014

by Philip Gowman 1 November 2014
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It’s a busy month. Film: It’s November, so it’s the London Korean Film Festival, starting on 6 November, with many different movies competing for our attention. On Thursday 13 November there are four screenings happening simultaneously – including one from the KCC’s Year of the screen professionals series. I shan’t list all the Festival screenings […]

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October events 2014

by Philip Gowman 1 October 2014
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As we move into Autumn, it’s getting busier. Here are the October events that we know of so far, and looking forward to November there’s the return of the Mansudae artists from Pyongyang, the London Korean Film Festival, and Judy Joo’s new restaurant in Kingly Street. Exhibitions Lee Bul’s solo shows at the KCC in […]

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