Hyori goes for gold

Any excuse to post a photo of Lee Hyori. I don’t care whether she can sing or not, and can’t comment on her urbane charm (a quality possessed by most female K-pop stars, if you believe the blurb at YesAsia).

Hyolee.jpgHyo-lee Goes with the ‘Gold Look’
Chosun Ilbo, Sep 27, 2005

Korean pop star Lee Hyo-lee chose the “gold look” as her fashion code for this fall. In an advertisement for the women’s casual wear brand GGPX for this fall and winter, Lee showed off her mature femininity and sexiness with a glamorous look and gold items.

The advertisement photos were shot in an art club in New York in July. Lee wore “micromini” hot pants to emphasize her feminine and sexy look, and coordinated it with shiny tights to exude her urbane charm.

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