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Elizabeth Kim: Ten Thousand Sorrows

Elizabeth Kim: Ten Thousand Sorrows(Doubleday, 2000)

This one’s really depressing, and it’s amazing how the author (this is autobiographical) seems to have ended up reasonably unscathed — outwardly at least. If ever you think you’ve had a tough time, read this book and you’ll feel better: someone’s had it worse. This is the story of the mixed-race daughter of a GI and Korean woman, who, shunned in her traditional village ends up being adopted by a horrendous bible-bashing family in the US. (Not to imply that “horrendous” and “bible-bashing” go together necessarily, but in this case they do).



One thought on “Elizabeth Kim: Ten Thousand Sorrows

  1. This book is one of the best books I ever read. It is a big contribution to infe literature. Kim a writes beautiful and exquisite peice of literature. I recomend this book!

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