Bi / Rain to make it into Time top 100?

This one’s a story worth following, for the power of the Hallyu. According to the Chosun Ilbo, Rain is only just slightly behind Ang Lee and ahead of JK Rowling and George Clooney as the most influential artist / entertainer of 2006 in Time Magazine’s top 100. You, along with thousands of K-Pop fans, can […]

Marshall R. Pihl: The Korean Singer of Tales

(Harvard 1994) Read this before watching Im Kwon-Taek’s Sopyonje. It’s a useful introduction to Pansori styles and rhythms, and contains a translation of the Shimchong-ga, the story of Blind Man Shim and his filial daughter. A number of excerpts from this story is performed in the film and it helps to know the story a […]

Jane Portal: Art under control in North Korea

Jane Portal: Art under control in North Korea Reaction Books / British Museum Press, 2005, 192pp An interesting, easy to read book cataloguing the different art forms in North Korea. Some of the works, particularly poster art, have been on display in the Korean gallery in the British Museum. The book carefully avoids making judgements […]

War & Democracy: A Comparative Study of the Korean War and the Peloponnesian War.

David McCann & Barry Strauss (eds) (ME Sharpe, 2001) Crazy title, seemingly of limited readership: ancient historians also interested in modern East Asian history (or vice versa). But it’s a fascinating collection of articles. “How like Alcibiades was General MacArthur?” asks one article… Read a grown-up review of this book over at the Korean Studies […]