Festival film review: Love is a Crazy Thing (연애)

Love is a crazy thing

I dreamt last night that I was interviewed about my reactions upon seeing Love is a Crazy Thing (OH Seok-geun, 2005) which screened yesterday evening at the Korean Film festival 2006. Well, actually, it was more of a nightmare. This is how the interview went.

CJ Entertainment: Did this film entertain you?
Me: No
No, it didn’t entertain me
What, weren’t you moved by that brave woman struggling to overcome adversity and that useless husband of hers?
No. Should I be? Haven’t I seen it before somewhere?
You’re a heartless brute.
No, I often cry during a good melodrama
Ah, so you’re some sort of moral vegan then. So you must have had an adverse reaction to the sex in the film.
No. I’m a grown-up.
Oh. But hey, you must have been really shocked by the violence against women?
No. Do you think I’ve never seen a Korean film before?
Look, you’re overlooking the fact that this was a gritty social critique of the harsh realities of life as experienced by real people at the fringe of society. That’s kind of cool in some circles.
Ah, but maybe I prefer a film about bunnies. Or serial killers. Or anything really as long as it entertains, informs, excites, amuses, shocks, stretches or otherwise stimulates the brain or emotions. And if I have to watch a gritty social critique I want it to say something original.
Oh. So do you thing that there was there anything new or distinctive about this film?
Er, tough one. I guess I’ve never had a woman’s best friend try to blackmail her into giving up one of her sons for adoption, but it wasn’t a crucial plot point. Other than that the film was distinctive for the fact that there was nothing new in it.
Is there anything about this film which would lead you to recommend it to someone else?
Um, Jeon Mi-seon was moderately cute. Oh, and there was some good shots of Busan.
Is that all?
Yes, and I was really trying.
Sorry, but aren’t you a fan of Korean film?
Er, well, I’m open-minded about it. What I’m a fan of is good film. I’m prepared to give Korean film the benefit of the doubt, but in this case there’s no doubt. This film is a waste of everyone’s time, and I’m insulted that you should think that I’m so undiscriminating that I would think this film worth watching
But I thought you Brits would lap up any drivel we sent you so long as there was a bit of sex or violence.
Oh, cheers mate.
Hey, but it really bent the genres didn’t it?
You’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel now.
Er, so you really didn’t like the film then?

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