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Cooking in the Danger Zone: South Korea (BBC4)

Dried frogsFollowing on the success of zany TV series like Holidays in the Axis of Evil (the DPRK show was rather good, I thought), and mindful of the sadistic pleasure we take in watching minor celebrities eating kangaroo testicles in jungle reality shows, TV execs are now going to treat us to “Cooking in the Danger Zone”. South Korea will be getting a programme all to itself. I’m not sure whether it’s because the temperature has increased since Kim Jong-il’s 4 July fireworks display, or whether the series just has a catchy title and South Koreans eat all sorts of things that Brigit Bardot wouldn’t condone.

dogmeat_korea.jpgOther countries in the series include Afghanistan, Uganda and China.

Sea SlugsVisit the BBC4 web page here, and some more images of the food from other episodes here. The Korean episode will be shown on 25 July at 8:30 pm London time on BBC4. Apart from the inevitable dogmeat stories, it looks like they will also be talking about dried frogs and sea slugs (illustrated)

Images from the BBC site.

Any thoughts from readers as to what’s the most difficult thing they’ve eaten in Korea? I’ve never tried dogmeat (saving that up for next time), but sea cucumber, raw crab were both OK. I found sea squirt a bit difficult to cope with, though.

2 thoughts on “Cooking in the Danger Zone: South Korea (BBC4)

  1. Well there’s obviously live octopus. I’ve only eaten the dismembered variant, though once with very strong thick tentacles that really didn’t want to be eaten/dipped in chilli sauce… that’s more ‘fun’ than ‘difficult’ to eat though.

  2. Hmm. I’m not sure if I could cope with live octopus. I wonder if they’ll show that scene from Oldboy…

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