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Baek Ji-young: Smile again

Baek Ji-young: Smile Again(Loen Entertainment, April 2006)

It shouldn’t take six playthroughs to enable me to say anything constructive about this album. On first playthrough it made no impression on me whatsoever. Some generic ballad / R&B songs which could come from any of a wide range of Korean artists, and some songs with a Flamenco / Latin beat.

Some of the songs are now beginning to grow on me: the harmonies don’t always do precisely what you expect them to; there’s some nice acoustic guitar playing; some good melodies and some catchy rhythms. Overall, Baek has a great voice – versatile, with a good range and pleasant to listen to – but I can’t help thinking she’s let down by her songwriters. I suspect this CD will end up gathering dust on my shelf until I’m forced to give it away to make space for something else.


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