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Requests for advice: hairdressers and bookshops

Two queries received recently from visitors to this site.

  • Bookshops1. Does anyone know a bookshop in central London, New Malden, or anywhere in between, where they sell Korean books? That is, books written in Korean (novels, short stories, whatever) rather than books in English about Korea.
  • Hairdressers. Does anyone know a good Korean hairdresser? Apparently Korean hairdressers have the best permanent hair-straightening techniques. (You learn something every day. Actually, I mentioned this to someone in the office today and she said that the Japanese have very good hair-straightening technology, but I don’t want this site to become a site for nationalist hairdresser wars).

If you can help with recommendations on either of the above, please leave a comment below or email me. Many thanks.

Update: the Bookshop problem is now resolved. See this post.

  1. By the way, I just heard about another English language bookshop with good coverage of Korea: Arthur Probsthain in Great Russell Street, who also operate the SOAS bookshop. I have their list of books on Korea, and I’ll update my books page once I’ve checked out the shop itself. []

7 thoughts on “Requests for advice: hairdressers and bookshops

  1. I, too, am looking for a Korean hairdresser. I had my hair permanently straightened in Seoul (they call it a ‘magic straight perm’ there) in February, and it’s only just getting unruly now! I was so impressed with the technique and the price (about £40)! Those Japanese straightenings seem awfully pricey. Surely someone out there can help?

  2. Hi Tanya
    The answer is J Hair. See the post here:
    The visitor who asked the question above reports that J’s price is £150 (for the Yuko system – I’m sounding knowledgeable here, but honestly I’m only repeating what I’m told), compared with £350 elsewhere in London. A bit pricier than the £40 in Korea, but I guess it’s what the market will bear.
    Let us know if you go there and can recommend it.

  3. Hi, I had had the Yuko system done in England 6 months ago and now i am living in korea and I am loking for a similar hair straightening sysyem in Seoul. If anyone could give me the name of a salon on Seoul that does it, that would be great.

  4. I am looking for the number and address of Head Rush (Johnny) in Seoul – supposed to be very good with short hair !

  5. Jay- try J Hair at 54 Wrren Street W1 in central London. My girlfriend had YUKO done last week for just £130 and it looks amazing. They are Korean and really know what they’re doing !

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