LKL readers deliver results

When I started this site I never dreamed that I would end up helping to recruit language coaches for government agencies, or advise people on where to go to get their hair straightened. But those are two of this site’s recent successes, thanks to you, dear readers.

So thank you to the various visitors to this site, and people on my email list, who help me by answering questions and feeding me events I didn’t know about, particularly Max, Hyun-ho, Jase and Beth.

And for those of you who are desperate to know a good Korean hairdresser in London, two highly trusted readers recommended J Hair, 54 Warren Street tel (020) 7383 0323. I fed the info back to the lady who asked the question, and she got in touch with them and arranged an appointment straightaway. Apparently they use the Yuko system which is the best, and it’s good value there. One satisfied customer (customer of this site, that is. She promised to give me feedback about J Hair once she’d had her appointment).

Another reader recommended Ezra at 12 New College Parade, Finchley Road, (020) 7722 8487, but she already gone off to J Hair by then.

Less luck on Korean bookshops though. The consensus seems to be that the only Korean booksellers are likely to be in New Malden. No-one can think of anywhere in the centre of town.

One thought on “LKL readers deliver results

  1. Try another South Korean stylist in the Knightsbridge Tony&Guy. Her name is Soo Bin. You need to book appointment in advance by calling to reception 02075910176 and asking Soo to do your hair. I bet you will love you look afterwards.

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