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Condemned out of their own mouth

Heads of regional chapters of the Korean Teachers and Education Workers’ Union rally calling for the resolution of five largest educational issues at the Government Complex Building in Sejong-ro, Seoul on 2 Aug 2006.

One of the reasons I publish the DPRK e-bulletins when I receive them is for their choice language. I am always puzzled why propagandists obviously take a great deal of trouble to get something into English but nevertheless imagine that the resulting hyperbolic prose will be met with anything other than not terribly polite titters.

The Chosun Ilbo has been following the antics of the Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union. They reported on the wholesale lifting of passages from a North Korean history text book and rebranding them without disclosing the source (also here); and also on the Busan chapter’s anti-globalisation take on the APEC summit. Following the Chosun’s article claiming that the union was directed by a “handful of ideologues”, the KTU declared war. According to the Chosun:

It denounced criticism from this paper as “a physical white-hot terror attack,” “an obvious criminal act” and “a frenzied assault.”

Assuming these quotes are accurate, the union’s guilty as charged. How can any sane person write such drivel, unless they’ve been through a propaganda school?

We can expect more entertainment soon, with the KTU going on holiday en masse in October to protest against the FTA negotiations.

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