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Brief review: Baudeogi at the Bloomsbury

Baudeogi at the Bloomsbury Theatre, 11 September 2006
Baudeogi at the Bloomsbury Theatre, 11 September 2006

Another entertaining evening from Think Korea.

As the year progresses, the sponsors are learning about how best to introduce their wonderful shows to a western audience. This time, there was a glossy programme which set out some of the background to what we were about to see, which was helpful. There was also some useful text scrolling on a screen in the nicely animated opening title sequence – though you needed to be a speed-reader to take it all in. And there were also some surtitles, though these were projected onto the stage in general, so we were at the mercy of whatever screens or dry-ice fog which might get in the way of the words. In all though, the surtitles weren’t all that necessary, and if you read the programme you pretty much knew what was going on.

The show centred around a traveling troupe of entertainers (dancers, musicians, singers, acrobats, comedians) and their female leader (Baudeogi). There was lots of colourful spectacle (this was a large troupe), some plate-spinning, jolly music and some manhood-defying high-wire work. All very good fun.

Some not very good snaps I took are below (click on a thumbnail for a slideshow, or alternatively view the same set on our Flickr account here).

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