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Rollercoaster # 1: Come Closer

Roller Coaster 내게로 와Roller Coaster – first album: 내게로 와 (1999)

Rollercoaster, according to KBS, were the first Korean band to turn to Acid Jazz. Certainly one of the western bands which comes to mind when listening to this album is the Brand New Heavies. But the use of horn effects and guitar rhythms in some of the tracks also bring to mind the theme music from 70s and 80s American police TV shows. But the fourth track, Where are you, is a lot more ambient – with lots of soothing Enya-like synthesizer sounds in the background.

The band consists of Choi Jin-woo (aka Jinu) on Bass and programming, Jo Won-sun on lead vocal and keyboard and Lee Sang-soon on guitar. Both Lee and Jinu also provide some vocals, but Jo’s effortless style is very distinctive. This is a confident first album, with lots of style. Highly recommended

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