Korean language trainers wanted

Let’s see if we can repeat the success of the previous job posting for a language trainer:

A London training company called Rainbow – Language in Business (www.rainbowlib.com) is currently recruiting Korean tutors for a course that begins at the end of November. Workload is provisionally 15 hours a week for a course which will last around 36 weeks. They’re looking for experienced teachers, but contact them direct for the full low-down. Depending on experience, the rates are around £25+ per hour. Please contact Katherine McDonnell, Rainbow’s Training Manager on telephone number 020 7490 5663, or email Katherine at rainbowlib dot com, making suitable substitutions for the “at” and the “dot”.

And send me an email if you decide to apply – it’s always interesting to know whether placing an ad here generates any response. One day I might start charging for these ads to supplement my meagre 8 cents a day google advertising revenue.

Update 28 November 2006: Job vacancies now filled. No more applications accepted

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