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Your help requested again

Two questions from a reader from Manchester:

  1. Does anyone know of Korean (or Korean diaspora) artists living and working in Britain?
  2. Does anyone know of any Korean societies in Manchester?

Please leave comments below if you can help

6 thoughts on “Your help requested again

  1. Hi Daequowl

    Thank you for your response. There do seem to be Korean churches up here. Do you know the name of the football team? I will check out the Manchester Uni Korean society in more detail. I’m most interested in practising artists. If possible please could you pass my details on to the graduate art student you know. I think it needs to be done through Philip.
    Thanks Philip.

  2. The football team was just made up of members of one of the churches. To us they were just called Manchester……I will get on to the grad student I know and hopefully will be in touch soon…

  3. I was speaking to the organiser of the Give Me Shelter exhibition at the Union Gallery today (it was a nice sunny day for a lunchtime walk from my office, over the wobbly bridge, into Southwark). He says there is a fair number of Korean artists studying at Goldsmiths College and also at Chelsea.

  4. Thank you Daequowl and Philip
    Do you think the organiser of ‘Give me Shelter’ would be up for an informal interview? I’m coming down to London to see it in November, as well as the Korean contemporary art exhibition which is opening at Asia House, ‘Through the Looking Glass’.

  5. Hi Ken
    I’m sure he’ll give you an interview. He was very generous with his time when I turned up the other day. He knows the artists in the show personally: in fact he picked up a catalogue of Suejin Chung’s work and showed me a painting in which he appeared: Chung had painted a picture of his birthday party.
    I’ll be going back to the gallery again in a day or so so I’ll get his name & put you in touch with each other.

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