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Fame at last?

YTN news anchorThanks to UK fan for letting me know that a (thankfully) heavily-edited version of my recent interview aired today on YTN as part of a bigger piece on the hallyu in the UK. The Times’s recent Korean supplement was featured, as were Korean footballers in the premier league. They also interviewed Mr Choi who will be heading London’s new Korean Cultural Centre. Best of all, though, they edited out all my clueless fumblings in a ten minute interview and just left the bit where I plugged Alice Bennell’s campaign to get Dae Jang Geum on the BBC, and where I said I thought it would be a great idea to have the Pororo Christmas Special on TV as well. They also were good enough to give a quick screenshot of my site – but unfortunately they picked the post where I chose to trash one of BoA’s albums. Hope I don’t get bombarded with hate mail.

Interview in the Union GalleryThanks again for letting me know, UK fan – and thanks to fmrvisitor for spotting it and posting the item on Ukfan’s forums. After I recorded the interview I knew I would come across as a complete prat if they broadcast the whole thing. In the cut-down version, though, I come across like that terribly enthusiastic chap Ptolemy in the BBC’s Restoration Nation programme. Not quite a prat – more a posh twit. The latter I may be; but hopefully not too posh.

Thanks also to UKfan for the above screen grabs (I’m not sure I have the right software), and for a grab of the whole news item should YTN take the file offline.

Update 6 March 2009: Yup, YTN took the video offline, so thanks to UKfan for the video grab which is now visible above.


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