Of Ostriches and Royal Warrants

Why is it newsworthy to call someone an ostrich? The obvious answer, particularly when the person who’s being called an ostrich agrees, is that it isn’t. But when it’s heart-throb Jung Woo Sung calling TV soap princess Kim Tae-hee an ostrich, it’s an excuse to publish their photos and mention their upcoming film “Joongchun” or “Midheaven”, in which Jung plays an exorcist and Lee his phantom love interest. The Chosun duly obliged, and so shall I:

Mutt Boy and the Ostrich. Jung Woo-sung and Kim Tae-hee in a still from Midheaven

Kim Tae-hee in Forbidden Love, aka Fox with Nine TailsAnd in another article this week the Chosun highlighted the number of models who are making it as TV actresses. Cue another opportunity to show some nice pictures. The model actresses concerned are Kim Seon-ah, Song Seon-Mi, Han Go-eun, Han Ye-seul, Han Ji-hye, Hyun Young, Choi Yoe-jin, Lee Hwa-seun, Jo Hyang-ki, and Yun Ji-min, out of which the Chosun picks Han Ye-seul and Han Go-eun as the biggest names. (Omitted from the list is Lee Eon-jeong, the rebranded Lee Sabi, who is also trying to make the move from modelling to acting. We wish her well: some stunning (and modest) photos are in the Chosun here, with a sample at the bottom of this post, below).

Han Go-eunRather than be totally lazy and just lift some more pictures from the Chosun, I did a quick google search of Han Ye-seul (result below, from Hancinema) and discovered that both she and Kim Tae-hee played nine-tailed foxes (don’t ask) in the 2004 TV drama Forbidden Love. Looks like pure escapist fun: there’s a still of Kim Tae-hee wielding some strange-looking swords above. Han Go-eun (right) played a love-rival secretary in the TV series Lawyers. Why aren’t people in all law firms as attractive as the cast of that MBC series?

Han Ye-seul (from Hancinema.net)

Moon Geun-young as a bunnyWhile hunting down the above snaps I came across a number of people who are doing exactly what I am doing: using the Chosun to generate content for their own sites. Some of the sites I can see what their remit is: Asian entertainment news. But there’s one site I came across which is tricky to get a handle on. An eclectic mix of Catholic theology, British Royals and Korean celebs. Go visit Cantate Domino and sing a new song.

And it’s singing a new song which has rebranded the innocent Moon Geun-young from Lover’s Concerto, Tale of Two Sisters, My Little Bride, Innocent Steps and this rather strange series of photos where she’s in a bunny costume (above right) into something a bit more adult:

A more adult Moon Geun-young

Continuing with the Chosun’s pretty picture stories, can anyone estimate the amount of time Hyolee had to spend with her hairdresser in order to get in shape for this photo?

Hyolee's Samsung commercial

The story enabling this photo to be posted is the news of the most-expensive-ever one-year advertising contract with Samsung.

And (in the last corny segue of this post) while on the subject of the British Royals and Samsung, the Chosun again has the story. The Windsors have ordered 100 flat screen TVs from Samsung, thus enabling Samsung to display the Royal warrant with the script “by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen, purveyors of televisual equipment” or something along those lines. My guess though is that it’s more Wills and Harry who are behind this particular purchase.

So ends a rambling post with all the Chosun’s celebrity news from the past week or so, neatly concluding with something which is more squarely in this site’s remit: British-Korean links.

Links: Moon Geun-young fansite with more of those strange bunny pictures.

And finally, one of those Lee Sabi photos from the Chosun, mentioned above. Any excuse.

Lee Sabi / Lee Eon-jeong

10 thoughts on “Of Ostriches and Royal Warrants

  1. Rats. I thought they looked rather similar, but managed to convince myself that their noses were different. The one with the knives was so cool I just had to post it. That’s the problem with google image search (which is how I found “Han Ye-seul”): it’s not guaranteed to be accurate! Thanks for letting me know. I’m now going to have to do another image search. I’ll probably come up with a Lee Young-ae pic next time.

  2. OK, so now someone else has pointed out my error, so I’ve now corrected the text and inserted a pic of Han Ye-seul – at least I hope it’s her – from Hancinema. But the pic with the knives is so good it’s got to stay there.

  3. kim tae hee is very beautiful… she has a posibility to become a good model in the world… I’m the number 1 fan of kim tae hee… She is a talented because she can act like a romantic and duel… thanx…

  4. I was so disappointed by this movie and it had sooooo much going for it. Talk about a waste of resources!

  5. ,,,hi moon geun young, anyong haseyo, what i mean is, thank u for inspiring to watch to all of ur movies and tv series. i hope we see each other here in the phillippines.

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