Jerwood space show closes tomorrow, not Thursday

Francesca Cho corrects her labelA few glitches in the organisation of the Jerwood Space “Still Dynamics” show.

Firstly, despite what the front desk material and the official press release says, the exhibition closes 5pm tomorrow, 20 December, not 21 December.

You’ll also find that the brochure for the show contains works that are not in the exhibition; and that where there is an overlap between the brochure and the exhibition space itself the descriptions of the works don’t necessarily tally.

Mind you, you have to grovel on the floor to notice this: for some reason all the labels are placed below knee-level. And not all the labels are correct. Here’s artist Francesca Cho correcting hers.

One thought on “Jerwood space show closes tomorrow, not Thursday

  1. These errors of presentation demonstrate that exhibitions must be organised with meticulous attention to detail. Especially when such a distinguished name as Jerwood is involved. The artists deserve to be more responsibly cared for. They may only have occasional opportunities to display their work and correct information is vital to their public image.

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