Your help needed in Seoul

Two recent questions from readers.

Firstly, one which risks eliciting a huge number of recommendations, from Ashey:

Hi, I had the Yuko system done in England 6 months ago and now I am living in Korea and I am looking for a similar hair straightening system in Seoul. If anyone could give me the name of a salon on Seoul that does it, that would be great.

Secondly, a tougher one. Does anyone know of a recruitment company in Korea (or indeed elsewhere) who specialises in helping foreigners find work in Korea? Particularly skilled foreigners (eg qualified accountants) with English as a first language who are also fluent in conversational Korean?

It might sound as if I’m looking for a job myself, but it’s not for me: I don’t speak the language (yet).

Also, it’s looking more likely that I will be able to have a quick weekend in Seoul in 10 days’ time (19/20/21 January). So if any of you can think of ways to entertain me (any good bands playing, good art exhibitions, good restaurants etc) please leave comments below or email me.

3 thoughts on “Your help needed in Seoul

  1. Try “Headrush” in Hongdae, on the 4th floor of the builiding with the Route 66 bar. I’ve seen a lot of foreign women having a lot of things done to their hair there, so maybe you can get what you need. Call first and find out (02) 338-2773. Most of the staff speaks English. Ask for Ming if you want to speak directly to a stylist.

  2. I got this list from Hang-jin, who’s currently in Korea, and asked a senior practitioner at the monastery where he’s staying for his suggestions.

    1) Cruise down River Han at night-time (apparently quite a view!)

    2) the Palaces

    3) 청계천 (Chung ge chun (correct spelling?))

    4) Insa-dong (for food & antiques)

    5) go climb up mountains around Seoul

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