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Yellow PagesPrompted by another query from a visitor, I thought I’d catalogue all the things which people seem to want to know about in London and about which there is no information on this site. Do please let me know if these are available anywhere in central London or New Malden:

  1. A Korean public bath-house / sauna
  2. A Noraebang
  3. A tea shop
  4. Korean cookery lessons
  5. Korean dating agency

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13 thoughts on “Things Korean in London / New Malden

  1. I’m curious about the Korean bath-house question myself.

    I’ve seen noraebang and room salon type places advertised in the free Korean expat papers that you can find in Korean shops. You may also find dating agencies and cookery lessons in there amongst all the ads for Korean restaurants and taxi services.

    If you want to buy Korean tea or Korean tea paraphernalia (at a slightly inflated price of course) you can see the nice man who runs East Teas and has a stall in Borough Market on Fridays and Saturdays.

  2. I just came across a Korean online business directory for several European countries on
    where you can search for businesses, organisations and the like relating to Korea in Europe.
    I don’t know whether all of their entries are up to date but it’s worth having a look.

  3. I live in New Malden…so I guess I can tell what’s here and what’s not.

    A Korean public bath-house / sauna: There isn’t one in New Malden
    A Noraebang: I don’t know what this is…
    A tea shop: There isn’t a proper tea shop
    Korean cookery lessons: Haven’t seen them being properly advertised for English speakers, but I’m sure there would be some
    Korean dating agency: This too, I’m sure there are some but haven’t seen them advertising this for English people either.

    Hope this helps haha XD

  4. @Owen
    Thanks for the tip. I went along to East Teas. I didn’t check out the prices of the ceramics, but the teas themselves seemed not too inflated – about comparable with Seoul.

  5. Greetings. What a great forum.

    if it’s not obvious from my web address, I’m co-founder of east teas limited and can be found at Borough Market on Fridays and Saturdays.

    Thanks to Owen and Philip for your kind words.

    “Inflated”, however, feels inappropriate as it would seem to imply that the higher cost of imported items compared with the country of origin may be dependent on factors other than the realities of purchase cost + shipping + wastage + packing + overheads of rent , salaries etc..

    That we sell tea at prices comparable to Seoul, particularly in the case of the more expensive teas, is remarkable and greatly surprised the son of our supplier.

    We are not a profits driven company: we are dedicated to promoting tea and tea-culture and, in some small way, helping makers to survive. Potters are under particular pressure as fuel costs rocket. It causes us great dismay as we see some of them go out of business.

    Keep up the good work in enjoying and promoting all things Korean.

    Best wishes

    alex fraser

  6. Heya,

    Korean bath house, oh how I wish there was one, but I haven’t found one yet.

    However there are norebang all over, several in New Malden, and a good few across London. They are very easy to spot of you can read korean. I don’t have Korean on this key board to show you but I’m sure you could goodle it. But be warned they don’t run as cheap as the ones in Korea, but that’s ok.

    As for cooking lessons, keep an eye on the Korean cultural centre in London. They offered some cool things throughout this year.

    Hope this helps some even if it is two years later 🙂

  7. I just got this feedback from a reader:

    So I went to the spa in New Malden, so my review is below, hope it helps your readers.

    First of all it took absolutely ages to find the place, it is situated in a small town and is a converted shop.
    This was NOT a spa like experience at all!!! When I got there I was told the sauna had been turned off so I had to have just the scrub.

    I was given black paper shorts that reached my knees (a bit of a cheat if you ask me) and ushered to a back room that wasn’t great.
    It was just a tiled space with a drain. It was damp and smelt mouldy. She proceeded to rinse me down and scrub me with a cloth.
    It was just okay! I was also scrubbed down with normal apricot scrub and asked to shower.

    The whole thing was about 20 mins and I didn’t feel at ease at all. The only thing Korean about it was that the lady was Korean.
    She even attempted to plug a massage while I was in the middle of my scrub – unprofessional.

    I only paid 20 pounds but I still don’t think it was worth it. Rating: 1.5 out of 5

  8. I see this is an older post, but I’m wondering if there’s any updates on a jjimjilbang in London? Would love to find out. Thanks!

  9. In New Malden:
    There are two Noraebangs (Karaoke rooms) one at the bottom of Han (which was closed with no notice the last time I went) and one called singsing which is just passed the station. A literal blink and you’ll miss it hole in the wall (it’s a bar and pool place too).
    There are two huge Korean superstores where you can potentially buy tea but I haven’t seen a tea shop.

  10. Did we ever get an answer for the bath house? I’m moving from Dallas (USA) to London soon and am mapping out all my necessities and favorite spots before I got there. Dallas has a huge Korean population with two classic K-spas– the kind with public baths (nude of course, they really do it like they do in Korea), saunas, delicious authentic food, and sleeping areas. You can stay there for 24 hours for about 32pounds. I’ll really miss this the most when I leave, please let me know if you’ve found anything similar in London 🙂

  11. I was wondering if there is any update about the traditional jim jil bang (Bath house) in London. It would be wonderful if someone could tell me if there is actually one. Been wanting to go to a bath house for ages! 🙂

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