Music to delight a Korean host

An interesting request for advice from a reader.

A group of tutors from a British music academy is visiting Seoul on a school exchange. They’ve formed a band and want to perform a Korean number for their hosts. The band consists of bass, drums, guitar and keyboard plus female vocalist, and they are looking for suggestions as to what they could perform.

Their preference is that the piece should be “modern and perhaps rock based” — and because the vocalist isn’t a Korean speaker the lyrics can’t be too complex. They’ve thought of Arirang and would rather do something a bit different.

They’ll need an MP3 of the song, plus the lyrics, so that they can transcribe and learn it before they go.

My own thought is that a song from a well-known TV drama might be quite fun — but because I don’t watch any I’m afraid I can’t make any helpful suggestions.

So what’s top of the pops in Seoul right now? Please leave comments below, preferably with links to MP3 files and lyrics.

One thought on “Music to delight a Korean host

  1. If they’ve got a male who can vocalise, something by 자두 might be good, perhaps 김밥. I’m don’t know anything particularly recent but perhaps for something more rocky, perhaps the 어린신부 OST by 문금영.

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