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Defensive Walking on the streets of Seoul

pedestrian.jpgOne day I’ll work out, from the ethical and technological perspectives, how to go about embedding other people’s videos into this blog. Until that day, I’ll just have to link to the sites where the videos are displayed.

So here’s a fine video containing instructions for a foreigner on how to walk “defensively” down the streets of Seoul.

There’s lots of truth in the video, but one huge falsehood: I think it must have been filmed first thing on a Sunday morning, because the pavements are absolutely empty.

There’s good advice about using street furniture to protect yourself from motorcyclists driving on the pavement, and a helpful tip about using ajummas as human shields on the zebra crossings. But there’s no advice on how to avoid being pushed from behind into the path of oncoming motorists / pedestrians, which to me is the most obvious peril in the crowded streets of downtown Seoul, where people are no respecters of each other’s personal space. Maybe there will be a second video to advise on this.


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