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Minis and breakdancing

Seen in Insadong in February this year:

Insadong still

On show at the Peacock right now:

BreakOut still

Break Out finishes on Sunday. Hurry.

4 thoughts on “Minis and breakdancing

  1. I just heard about this last dec but had no idea when they would come. Does anyone know if they plan to come back to the UK to perform in the near future?

  2. Hi Julie
    There will be a UK-Korea B-boy battle in Trafalgar Square on 17 June, scheduled for 1:30pm. Only 20 minutes, and I don’t know what crew is involved as yet.

  3. Thanks for the information Philip. Glad I checked the website in time before the event. Its a shame that the performace is very short.

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