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Your input is valued

Towards the end of last year I asked you to provide feedback, anonymous or otherwise, on Think Korea 2006. Part of my motive for doing that was to reflect any comments you had in my year-end roundup of 2006 events. But also I knew that the organisers were going to ask for some informal face-to-face feedback as well. So early in January a few of us self-appointed experts went round to the embassy for a chat. And the dialogue was something the embassy was keen to continue.

So now it’s time for us to go round for another chat. And since LKL now reaches probably four times as many people as it reached when I last made this request, maybe I’ll get four times as much feedback this time round1.

The specific agenda for our chat next week is the embassy’s website. What’s on it that is useful? What’s not on it that should be on it? What’s on it that shouldn’t be there? That sort of thing. So, if you have a moment, please visit the embassy’s website, and if you have any feedback on it, please let me know via the contact form or by leaving a comment below. Maybe think of it this way: if an embassy website is a kind of advertisement for a country, how could the site be a better advertisement?

One thing I’d be particularly interested in knowing is this: is it Mac compatible? I hear all sorts of horror stories about how in general Korean websites are locked in to (increasingly outdated?) Microsoft technologies and won’t work well on anything else. As unfortunately I had to get rid of my Mac many years ago I can’t validate whether this is the case or not.

Also, if there are any ideas out there as to what Korean cultural events you’d like to see organised in the UK, I’m sure that the embassy and cultural centre staff would be interested in hearing that too. A free annual subscription to the LKL RSS feed is the prize for the best feedback.


  1. unfortunately 4 times zero is still zero []

One thought on “Your input is valued

  1. As someone who has recently had cause to use the website i have a couple of things to note:

    1. There were a couple of things about the documents required for a visa application that were not immediately clear to me.

    2. There is a big list of the different kinds of visa available but no details of the restrictions that might be placed on each.

    3. I could not find out what the situation was regarding me driving in Korea.

    Generally I like the site and it was quite a simple but eye-catching design. It seems to have lots of good info for the casual visitor who is on phase one of finding ou about the country. It is not as busy as a lot of Korean websites tend to be and of course it is preferable to dealing with the consular staff at the embassy who whenever i’ve phoned up with a query always sound very abrupt like they are annoyed I am wasting their time.

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