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Model needed for global media campaign

This could be your chance to get your face into the newspapers and magazines all over the world.

I received an interesting email today from a producer looking to put together a still photoshoot for an advert for Barclays Bank. She’s seeking a particular “look”. I was just about to post the email verbatim when I got a bit paranoid about age, sex and racial discrimination. I thought you weren’t allowed to specify age, sex or race in a job advert any more. But I guess there must be some sort of exemptions in the film and acting world otherwise you’d end up with all sorts of unusual couplings. Imagine Hur Jin-ho pitching the following idea to his money-men: Han Suk-kyu, who runs a photo shop and has a mysterious disease which he’s not telling anyone about, falls in love with Shim Eun-ha Ahn Sung-ki, a sexy young meter maid middle-aged traffic cop. Doesn’t really work, does it?

Anyway, the “look” that is required in the photoshoot is that of an attractive 25-35 year old oriental woman. So if Ahn Sung-ki thinks that with appropriate make-up he could pass for Shim Eun-ha, I’m sure he would be most welcome to apply. But maybe the production team might turn him down on the basis of the amount of time he needs to spend in the make-up van.

Here, then, is an edited version of the email. If you think you fit the bill, give Christine a call

I am a London based producer currently working on a job for Barclays Bank. I am looking for someone to play an oriental woman for our shoot. The character being played is between 25 – 35 years old and attractive looking. The shoot is for still only and will be taking place one day between the 22nd – 26th June 2007. The image shows a man and a woman stood outside of a jewellers looking in the window. Although the shoot should only take around four hours you will need to be available for the whole day as we need to travel to the location and allow time to set up. The images will be seen in press ads, worldwide for 2 years. We can pay each character £450 cash on the day. If you think this is something you are interested in I will need to meet with you over the next few days to take a digital capture of you and to fill in a casting sheet. These images will then be presented to the client early next week and if you are chosen I will then contact you to make further arrangements.

Many Thanks.
Christine Harding,

[phone number now removed as the vacancy has been filled – Ed]

One thought on “Model needed for global media campaign

  1. ahn sung-ki NOT able to pass as a beautiful meter maid? tell that to the most seasoned and decorated ham in K-films, and he’ll fly off the christmas platter. he can play anything LOL!

    (agree with the pitch though — need more major gay star couplings besides King and Clown or Radio Star.)

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