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Please send in your Dano photos – particularly b-boy action shots

As you may have gathered, I didn’t make it to the Dano event in Trafalgar Square on Sunday. But it would be great to get a flavour of what it all looked like. Jennifer’s great post yesterday helped, but it would be fun if you could send in any photos you have. I’ll decorate yesterday’s post with them, or maybe have a separate post just for the photos. Full credit will be given to the photographers, or, if you’d rather remain anonymous I’ll respect that too.

Where to send them to? My domain name is, and so if you just email your pics to philip at that address, it’ll get to me. If you get the chance, please shrink the image size so that the maximum dimension is 550 pixels (that will cut down on the amount of megabytes in my inbox). But no worries if you don’t know how to do that.

I look forward to seeing them.

Update 19 June 10pm. I’ve received photos from two people thus far. Many thanks. I’ve updated Jennifer’s post with Sung-min’s pictures, and will have a separate post for Katie’s. I’m hoping someone will have some action shots of the b-boys…

One thought on “Please send in your Dano photos – particularly b-boy action shots

  1. i was present at the festival and took a number of shots (posting a few to the Korean Meetups gallery).
    if youre interested i’ll post a number of them to you.

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