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Sorry – now only registered users can post a comment

I know it’s a pain in the backside. But as I increase this site’s functionality and content I use more computing power at my webhost. And because I’m using the cheapest hosting package I can get, my webhost takes my site offline for a quick cooling-off period if I’m hogging the CPU too much. Looking at my error logs, this is now happening on average twice a day, ever since I expanded my BlogWatch coverage and introduced the NewsWire service on 9 June.

Again, looking at my error logs, up to 40% of my CPU time is taken by people posting comments. I use the word “people” very loosely. More strictly, looking at 99.98%1 of the comments which get submitted, for “people” read “morons who have too much time, or too many spambots, at their disposal and who think readers might be interested in visiting their porn or drug websites”.

So my logic goes thus: if I can get rid of the morons, I can have 40% more other stuff, useful stuff, going on without getting shut down. More genuine readers, more RSS feeds2, and generally more bells and whistles.

So, for an experimental period, in order to keep the site improving without eating into my pocket money, I’ve shut off comments for unregistered readers. I hope you genuine commenters out there won’t be discouraged from registering. It’s a painless process. If you forget your password it’s dead easy to re-set it. And you should be able to set your browser so that my site remembers you when you next visit. Let me know if you have any problems.

Oh, and for any really determined spammers out there who might choose to register, all comments will still be subject to moderation. Your comments will only appear on the site automatically once you’ve left a sensible comment or two which I have approved. Leave just one spam comment and I de-register you instantly.

  1. Here’s the maths: I get 2,000 comments a day, and maybe on average there’s a genuine, non-spam, comment once every 2 or 3 days. That’s around one in 5,000 comments, or 0.02%. []
  2. Next enhancement will be a standalone DPRK BlogWatch (I’m already subscribing to the feeds — I just haven’t got around to creating a page for them yet) and then maybe a Culinary BlogWatch to enhance my Food & Restaurants page []

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