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More pictures from the Dano festival

Dano sparkling logo - by Mark Ak

Many thanks to Katie, Mark and Sung-min for letting me use their pictures of the Dano festival last Sunday. Mark has uploaded a full set of his photos over at the Korean Language Meetup site. Go visit the gallery – there are some other good photos over there too. I’ll also be asking people to send in photos of the Kingston Korean Festival on 30 June as well, so make sure you all take your digital cameras down to the Fairfield recreation ground next Saturday.

First, some of Katie’s pics:

She also took the photo of the b-boy in Monday’s post. Next, here’s a sample of Mark’s photos. Remember it was also the day of the parade commemorating 25 years after the Falklands war:

Mark also snapped the logo at the top of this post. And here are some more photos from Sung-min which didn’t really go with Jennifer’s post on Monday.

Thanks to all of you.


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