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UK-trained beauty expert opens Busan Academy

Nam-hee Kim (김남희) at the Michae Beauty Academy

My dear friend Nam-hee Kim (김남희) has just taken the bold step of opening her own Beauty Academy in Busan: the Michae Beauty Academy (미채 뷰티 아카데미):

Nam-hee studied at the London College of Fashion, part of University of the Arts, London — and part of her course was theatrical make-up and design. I remember chatting to her about the relative merits of the prosthetic make-up on different Doctor Who monsters while she cut my hair in a salon off Oxford Street — but I digress. Nam-hee also trained at the Vidal Sassoon hair academy, but her skill goes beyond what you find in the average Vidal Sassoon salon. Speaking from personal experience, my wife’s hair has never looked better than when cut, coloured & styled by Nam-hee, and since Nam-hee returned to Korea a couple of years ago my wife has had to make do with a Vidal Sassoon salon in the City — definitely second best as far as I’m concerned.

Since returning to Korea Nam-hee has had a number of teaching posts in hair design and colouring, and has represented Korea in an international competition in China (which she won). She’s now ready to go solo, and has opened up her own beauty academy, where you can learn make-up, hair dressing, skin care, massage and nail art.

So if you’re looking to learn how Koreans look great without going under the knife, enrol at Michae Beauty Academy. The interior looks fabulous:


10 thoughts on “UK-trained beauty expert opens Busan Academy

  1. Hello…’s Min. Now I know how to write to you here.
    Nam-hee looks great in this photo. She really is , isn’t she?
    I hope to see your photos as well. *^^*

    Take care~~and I’ll talk to you later.

  2. Hey!

    I wonder if you could possibly help. I am in Busan on a 1 year teaching contract and would like to find somewhere where I can go for micro-dermabrasions/deep cleanse facials where they can speak english. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

  3. Hi, I’m so happy to see this website. I had been searching high and low for makeup courses in Korea. I’m Singaporea and I hope to go Korea to learn makeup cos I really like Korea.


  4. hi…i had I had been searching makeup courses in Korea. I’m Malaysian and I hope to go Korea to learn makeup cos I really like Korea.

  5. How to contact nam hee as the website shown above cannot be open…i wish to learn at her academy

  6. Hi
    I am so happy to see this website ..i won’t to be join your academy can uhhh please send me your academy address..
    Thank you…

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