Korean speakers wanted to test Korean version of IT application

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We are looking to employ 2 Korean students for 1 month starting on July 16th to work at our operations centre in Galway, Ireland. The person(s) need to be a fluent Korean speaker(s) with a good IT ability. The role would require the person to test a software application that has been translated into Korean to ensure that it is linguistically correct and logical. I have detailed some questions and answers you may have on the requirement:

Q1. What is the software that the 2 Korean testers are testing? Please give us more information like the platform of the software (Windows, Unix, LINUX, Mac), functionality, target users, industry etc

  • The software is a product made by a company called Avocent. It is called DSView. See for initial information: http://www.avocent.com/web/en.nsf/Content/DSView3Software. This product is aimed at companies with large server rooms and datacenters and allows them to manage multiple appliances from one central location. We replicate this environment in our test lab here in Ireland and use the product the same way the end users would.
  • Testing is conducted on Windows, Linux (RedHat Suse), Solaris and Mac OSX.

Q2. What exactly is the scope of testing? I gather it is linguistic and not functional or both? What kinds of report are required to produce or fill in everyday of their testing? Can you provide some samples for us to view? Are detail test cases provided?

  • The testing is mostly linguistic, although as part of normal use of the product the testers might encounter functional issues. When this happens, our QA engineer is available for support.
  • We use our own internal tool for tracking the issues that the testers come across – it is called “BugTrac”. Full training is provided in the first days of the assignment on the use of this tool.
  • We provide detailed test cases.

Q3. Do the testers need to be very experienced software engineers?

  • Ideally, the tester needs to be technical enough to understand what the product does, but our QA engineer is always present during testing to answer questions, help troubleshoot and set up the appliances where required. It would be better if the tester could be someone who has experience in software testing, but we also provide full training on the process and the product.

Q4. I assume that the no. of working hours is 8 hours + 1 hour of lunch, i.e. 9am to 6pm from Monday to Friday only? Or there is possibility of working OT during weekdays and weekends?

  • Our Working hours are 8:30 am to 5:30 pm with 30 minutes lunch Monday through to Thursday, and 8:30 am to 1:30 pm on Fridays.

I also asked Marina whether travel expenses would be covered. Her answer was that flights and accommodation would be provided, and there would also be a per diem allowance. So this sounds like it could be a good opportunity to save a few Euros for a bit of travel.

If interested, please contact:

Marina Murphy
Vendor Coordinator
Merrill Brink International
Block 2 Ballybrit Business Park
Direct phone: 00353 91 778321
Fax: 00353 91 771185Â
Website: www.merrillbrink.com

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