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Surrender your jeans — win a beer

Choi So-young: Kwangan Bridge (2004)

Doesn’t sound a very good deal, huh? But let me explain further. Korean artist Choi So-young specialises in creating work out of denim. She’s going to be exhibiting at the Union Gallery in 2008… but she needs the raw materials to work with.

So the deal is this: YOU can be part of a collaborative, interactive art-making making experience. Or something like that. Send in your jeans to the Union Gallery — or any old denim articles you don’t want any more — and they will be transformed into a work of art. And YOU will be invited to the party celebrating the launch of the exhibition as a mark of gratitude.

I know the Union Gallery does great parties. I went to a crazy one involving lots of black ink being hurled onto T-shirts to the accompaniment of some live heavy metal music. It was a blast. And because Jari Lager, the boss, is of German extraction the hot dogs were superb as well.


Choi So-young: Anchang Village in the Mountains (2003)

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