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Some Mot tracks


Discover why Mot’s first album “Non-linear” was Anna Lindgren’s soundtrack of choice in 2004. Here’s the opening track, Cold Blood.

And from the same album, Love song.

From the second album, “Strange Season“, comes the track Close


9 thoughts on “Some Mot tracks

  1. I like Mot… but it took me a while to get used to the vocals. It’s a bit too languid for my taste. Most people seem to compare these guys with Nell and even prefer them over Nell. I prefer Nell. I think it lies in the vocals… but still… there’s no denying that ‘Close’ is an amazing song. Simply amazing. I really like the MV as well.

  2. thank you for the post… it introduced MOT to me and i really fell in love with them… many thanks…

  3. Do you know where 못 (Mot) music is sold? (Preferably downloading but CDs would do too.) iTunes doesn’t seem to have anything by them, but then I don’t find iTunes always very handy. They have three entries for 넬 (Nell), but they are listed separately (i.e. not all show when you click ‘more albums by this band’).

  4. I don’t know about downloads, but Mr Kwang seems to have Mot’s CDs still. I think that’s where i got my copies from. Enjoy!

    I agree about iTunes. Invaluable when you manage to find things, but so difficult to find.

    1. Thanks, Philip. Someone else (refresh_daemon) just recommended MrKwang to me as well, so I’ll give that a try. Does that mean we have no Korean shop selling Korean music in London?

      On a totally random aside, I suppose you don’t know where to get a kimchi pot in London?

      1. You’ll find a restricted selection of commercial K-pop at some HMV stores, I’m told. But I haven’t come across anything decent in the UK. And my favourite CD store in Manhattan K-town is now a tattoo parlour… I’m afraid there’s not much business in real CDs 🙁

        Kimchi pots, those giant earthenware things? Might be a challenge. I’ll ask around though!

      2. Not into K-pop… just K-indie. 🙂 I prefer downloading myself (physical CDs are a waste of space for me) but there is little legal downloading when you start looking for something more specialised.

        Yeah, those earthenware things! I think they come in different sizes. You sound intimidated, I suppose that means you are not a cook!

      3. I love cooking. I would just never dream of making enough kimchi to fill one of those 3-foot high jars!

        I agree on downloads. I’m out of shelf-space for CDs, and I’ve even started downloading lower-priority books for reading on my new Kindle

      4. I think there are smaller than 3-foot ones… from the pictures I have seen at least.

        My issue isn’t the shelf-space (though I’m lacking that too), but I’m too nomadic and the less physical things I own, the better (I realise the kimchi pot is a total contradiction here). And although I like the physical feel of books, I know that ebooks are much more suited to my kind of lifestyle – though I am surprised actually that there is still a lot that’s not available in digital format. DVDs are a big problem – been assembling too many and I really wish I could just have them digitally (I only watch films on my computer anyhow).

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