October talks at Chatham House

Two talks at the Korea Discussion Group at Chatham House in October. Firstly: The Six-Party Talks & the Future of the Korean Peninsula Yuri Kim Monday 15th October 2007 Meeting: 2.00-4.00pm Chair: Jim Hoare Yuri Kim is chief of the DPRK (North Korea) Affairs Division at the U.S. Department of State. Her portfolio covers the […]

Korea still an emerging market

More than 10 years after joining the OECD, South Korea is still an emerging market. FTSE (the company owned by the Financial Times and the London Stock Exchange) has recently been reviewing the constituent countries in its various global equity indices. In drawing up the indices, they categorise countries into three lists: Developed, Advanced Emerging, […]

K-film at the 51st BFI London Film Festival

Not to be confused with the Korean Film Festival at the Barbican at the beginning of November (on which more later), the BFI London Film Festival in October has an excellent spread of recent Korean film. The Highlight: Secret Sunshine (Lee Chang-dong, 2007, starring Jeon Do-Yeon, Song Kang-Ho, 142 mins) “A devastating account of a […]

10 Comes to Europe

10, LKL’s favourite Korean-Japanese experimental indie music duo, is coming to Europe to challenge, amaze and entertain audiences in Spain and France. Half of the duo is itta, interviewed by Anna Lindgren in March this year. The other half is Marqido, who describes himself as a Noise Artist. Here are the tour dates: 28 Sep […]

Chuseok at the BM — part sprint, part marathon

It is a commonplace observation that Korea is caught between two larger neighbours. Similarly, in marketing terms, the Korean events at the British Museum last Saturday were dwarfed by the blitzkrieg advertising for the Chinese “First Emperor” and the Japanese modern design exhibitions, both also at the British Museum at the same time. But although […]

Moon jars old and new

There were moon jars a-plenty at the British Museum on Saturday: old and new, whole and smashed, real and fake and, as is the nature of these objects, none of them perfectly spherical. In pride of place in Room 3, just as you enter the museum, is one of the prized items in the British […]

Paekho’s architectural art

I happened to arrive at the DPRK embassy at the tail end of the afternoon, after the reception which welcomed numerous dignitaries to the exhibition of work produced by the Korea Paekho Trading Corporation. I therefore had the works to myself: it was just me, Pak Chang Sop (People’s Artist and president of the corporation), […]

Rags in the Wind – some photos

Here are some photos from Rags in the Wind – a group show in the Graz Botanical gardens, on now. It’s featured here because it includes the work of London-based, Korean-born artist Francesca Cho. Her “Floating Soul 1” is below: View a slideshow of the complete set here. The set includes a couple of shots […]

Book review: Kim Young-jin on Lee Chang-dong

(Seoul Selection, 2007) I can imagine that there was a certain amount of discussion about the timing of this book. After a break of some years — enforced by his stint as Roh Moo-hyun’s first Minister for Culture and Tourism — the well-regarded director Lee Chang-dong was active again. His new film, with two of […]

Jackie Choi London at 100% Design and Somerset House

Jackie Choi London, the Korean designers whose “Eye” chair was featured on Graham Norton’s show, are showing new designs at 100% Design 2007 (Earls Court, 20-24 September). The sideboard above was inspired by Lucio Fontana and his “Slash” series of works, (example right). The Choi sisters will also be launching a pewter candelabra (left) in […]

SOAS seminar: Unequal treaties

A quick notice of a seminar upcoming this week: Centre of Korean Studies Seminar 18th of September 2007. Venue: SOAS Room B111 Time: 5pm – 7pm Han Seunghoon (Korea University) The Beginning of the Unequal Treaty System in Late-Nineteenth century Choson As usual, the event is free and no pre-booking is required

Casker #3: Between

(Lupin Records, December 2006) Review by Jenny Wu Casker consists of vocalist, Lee Yoong Jin, and producer / composer / arranger / DJ Lee Juno. While their previous albums are just as fantastic, I think their third is a lot better-rounded. There’s a heavier concentration on vocals in this album than their previous albums which […]

DPRK travellers’ tales

Two travel accounts have recently been highlighted in the BAKS list. First, a long account by guitarist Jason Carter of his 10-day trip to Pyongyang earlier this year to perform in a spring music festival. Like many DPRK travel accounts, we find the author having moments of frustration with the minders as well as appreciating […]