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Banish your Monday blues

Two little items to brighten your Monday.

First, if ever you thought the TV in your particular country was trashy, just be thankful they haven’t plumbed the depths of “Racing Model Billiard Championship”.

Racing model billiard tournament

“This is a sport I really would like to see catch on,” comments the Party Pooper1. “Some geniuses over at the Xports channel have rounded up the hottest racing models, put them in their usual skimpy outfits and got them bending over pool tables in a billiards tournament. As for how well the girls play pool, let’s just say the quality varies.”

Anything to give us a break from Big Brother. There’s also a fine gallery here (though it might take a bit of browsing), with some samples of the action here:

And secondly, still on the theme of unnecessary exposure of female flesh, here’s Lee Hyori getting wet, all in the cause of advertising some hair products.

What I find vaguely interesting in this ad is that it co-stars a car of German manufacture, the brand prominently displayed. In fact if it wasn’t for the shampoo appearing at the end, you could be forgiven that Hyolee was getting herself into a lather over the car, not the hair care product. I hope the German car company provided a suitable amount of funding for the ad.

Update 16 Nov 2019

Asian Boss conducts an interview with Oh A Nee, a Korean racing model:

  1. Unfortunately the Party Pooper closed down his old blog, and the article which is the source of this post is no longer available online. []

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