Insult me again

kim scowlingA frivolous post for election day.

About a year ago, when I was more assiduous in reading the Chosun’s celebrity pages than I am now, I noted a trend in mindless prose, particularly when the paper was commenting on the most recent commercial featuring some skimpily-clad popstrel or other. I was convinced that the text was generated by a computer and, in an idle moment, thought it might be worth reverse-engineering that august organ’s VPGA (the Chosun Ilbo Vapid Prose Generation Algorithm).

The algorithm must run something like this:

[Insert name of celebrity here]
shows off her
[sexy dance moves / copper skin-tones / etc ]
while revealing her
[girl-next-door looks / wholesome charm / etc]

I never got further than that, having rather lost interest in the project (or maybe the celebrities themselves), and thus I never built up enough observations to reconstruct the algorithm.

Someone over at has been working on a similar project, having a little bit of harmless fun at the expense of Pyongyang’s central news agency. They proudly bring to you …

The KCNA Random Insult Generator


By the way, is worth visiting in its own right, being a useful aggregation of all KCNA press releases, with some interesting analytics.

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