The top 30 LKL pictures of 2007

Part 1: #21-30

Inspired by the cheap TV programmes which seem to have taken over the evening schedules in the UK, simply recycling clips from other TV programmes (The 100 most embarrassing celebrity moments, and the like), here’s a chance to sample again the pictures most viewed on this site during 2007, according to AWstats.

In reverse order.

#30: Hobak from LKL’s favourite rock-chick band Bloody Cookie:

Hobak from Bloody Cookie

#29: The first appearance on this list of Lee Eon-jeong, LKL’s favourite ex-playboy model:

Lee Eon-jeong

#28: Fly to the Sky Transition album cover. (This one would have been higher on the list, but I stopped the particular individual hotlinking to it.):

FTTS album cover

#27: Stage 1 in a magic straight perm process, of consistent interest to LKL readers:

Magic Straight 1

#26: Kim Yeon-ah, who had a disagreement with Lee Teuk of Super Junior:

Kim Yeon-ah

#25: A still from Don’t Look Back, the indie film success at Locarno:

Don't look back

#24: An early photo of South’s South Gate, from the Rev Corwin and Nellie Taylor collection:

South Gate

#23: Yeondoo Jung’s Wonderland from the Through The Looking Glass exhibition:

Yeondoo Jung Wonderland

#22: SG Wannabe, who participated in the “Big 4” concert in New York in August:

SG Wannabe

#21: Reading’s, now Fulham’s, Seol Ki-hyeon:

Seol Ki-hyeon

More soon.


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