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The top 30 LKL pictures of 2007: the top 10

Here’s the top ten. And probably not all that work-safe.

#10: The second appearance of LKL’s favourite ex-playboy model, Lee Sabi (806 views):

Lee Sabi

#9: The Chejudo Love Land theme park (884):

Chejo love land

#8: Sassy girl and last vampire Jeon Ji-hyun displaying her smooth thighs as a rock chick (969):

JJH as rock chick

#7: Pop diva, CF queen and all-round girl-in-the-celebrity-blogosphere Lee Hyori (1,174):

Hyolee multi-pack

#6: Lost, Ardor and Swiri star Kim Yun-jin, from the Arena spread (1,312):

Kim Yun-jin

#5: Star of soap and film, Ha Ji-won. “Horrible” © The Times (1,537):

Ha Ji-won as Hwang Ji-ni

#4: The second appearance of BoA, this time in her Nike campaign (2,636):

BoA Nike ad

#3: The priceless photo of North Korean military marching (6,461):

North Korean marching

#2: Jeon Ji-hyun again, in her Laneige campaign (13,609):

Jeon Ji-hyeon

#1: LKL’s man of the year 2006, Time Magazine’s most influential entertainer 2006, Time Magazine’s Reader’s Choice of 2007, and the most invisible hallyu star of 2007 since parting company with JYP Management. Yes, it’s Jung Ji-hoon, aka Rain, and his six-pack, inspiration for LKL’s comment of the year 2007 (40,231):


Of course, you can understand why most of the pictures in the top 10 are so popular.

But in terms of what I want this site to be all about, I’m most pleased with the variety of pictures in the first of these posts (#21-30): some art, an indie musician, a still from an indie film, an historical photo, a Korean footballer in the UK, a post which answered a lot of questions about the magic straight perm, and a good smattering of celebrities for eye candy. So while the rather camp-looking Rain, with over 40,000 viewings, was 138 times as popular as the gutsy Hobak from Bloody Cookie (290 viewings), this site will continue to give web space to indie music and other topics under-represented elsewhere. And to prove it, here she is again, together with the rest of the band.

Hobak (bass):


Jihye (drums):


Noji (lead guitar):


Binna (vocals):


of Bloody Cookie:

Bloody Cookie

Thanks to Anna for her efforts in interviewing these bands and getting the images.


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