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Around the Clock at I-MYU

Keeping up their hectic pace of a new show every month, Yu Eun-bok and Im Jeong-ae announce their latest exhibition:

Around the Clock

7 March– 24 March 2008
Taek Lim / Yutaka Inagawa
Tuesday-Saturday 10-6pm or by appointment

AROUND THE CLOCK brings together the work of Asian artists Yutaka Inagawa and Taek Lim in an exhibition that explores the role of displaced imagery, dislodged from time and place and pushed through both the political and the hyper-real. These are the cut-and-paste landscapes of contemporary fiction; fantastical they are ungrounded and uncompromising.

Taek Lim constructs bold and awkward compositions that span ‘the clock’, removed from time and abridged from place. The sun and moon appear side by side in the daytime of a cobalt blue sky / in the dusk of deep blue colour saturation. Rainbows intersect with mountains, waterfalls and floating outcrops of Acacia trees. Animals of the savannah cohabit cloud-like grasslands with tourists, bystanders and hikers, and an airplane shares the sky with the winged horse Pegasus. These are works that are impervious to scale, in which the hyper-reality of modernity crashes with a skewed mythology in contorted landscapes of uncompromising improbability.

Taek Lim_Moved Landscape-Journey 3_C-type_ed 5_84×55.9cm

Yutaka Inagawa a graduate of Chelsea College of Art & Design presents works derived through the collective mechanisms of painting, drawing and photomontage. The fragmented interface of these works draws on the conflicting and often contradictorily tensions of modern urban environments. Tape recorders interject with car exhausts, graffiti, deer and guns in repetitions of motif, colour and texture that become layered juxtapositions of migrant images. These are works in which discernable forms become all but lost, in which pattern persists and the narrative substrate of its elements whilst intertwined refuse to bond in fusion.

Yutaka Inagawa. Untitled, Collage, Acrylic on canvas, 130×250cm, 2007

I-MYU is based on the first floor of 23 Charlotte Road, London EC2A 3PB, Tel 020 7033 4480


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