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LKL is on the move (again)

You may have noticed a significant drop-off in content over the past few weeks, and particularly over the Easter weekend. That’s because I’ve finally been turning my mind to moving the site to a new webhost. I know I’m going to encounter all sorts of problems, and I’ve been doing dummy runs of the move on a test site, but things will inevitably go wrong.

One thing that will go wrong, for sure, is that most of my hangul will be lost, and a load of apostrophes will come out looking like this: ’. I’ve tried all sorts of possible solutions to this, none of which work.

While I’m at it, I’m also trying to move from a non-standard WordPress installation (I’m not sure how I managed to tailor things quite so much) on to version 2.3.3. (I’m going to wait before moving to 2.5 as these new releases always seem to have a bug or two which surface over the subsequent weeks). Plus, just to make things even more of a challenge, I’m getting rid of the irritating /blog/ in my URI. I’ve tested a .htaccess redirect so that if you are linking to me those links should work. I suspect, though, that if you’re subscribing to my feed you may need to subscribe again.

I’ve been testing things so much that my test database is getting way out of wack with my production database as the content keeps coming, so I’m just going to take the plunge. I know that some of the plugins may not work; the flickr page won’t load and numerous other bugs that I haven’t identified yet.

What the hey. Let’s move forward. I’m just about to update the nameservers. Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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