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I think we’re just about done

So I think I’ve now stabilised things at my new webhost. I can now start thinking about all the improvements I’ve been meaning to try, including:

  • Improving the navigation with drop-down menus to make browsing easier. Maybe people might stay and have a look round once they’ve found their picture of Super Junior.
  • Finding the right combination of calendar / events list plugins to do a half decent job so that I can display a list of upcoming events that will get indexed by google. Sounds so easy, but I still haven’t found the right solution.
  • Ditching my hard-coded sidebars and moving to widgets to make maintenance easier. NOW DONE
  • Getting self-hosted videos to work on my site. I’ve got all this stuff piling up which I need to get online, but nothing I’ve tried works so far. Coming soon, once I’ve fixed this: LKL-TV. NOW DONE
  • And hey, I might even upgrade to WordPress v2.5, if only so that I don’t get that irritating message every time I log in to the administration area. NOW DONE

All in good time. I’ve also got to go through manually fixing all the hangul that got mangled in the move.

For those who are in to all this geek stuff, this weekend I’m publishing a whole host of lessons learned which I need to get off my chest. They may come in handy when I make the next move.


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