Going home: Hong Kong, 1953

Going home: Hong Kong, 1953

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One thought on “Going home: Hong Kong, 1953

  1. My name is Bob Rose ex REME seeing these pictures brought back alot of memories,I was with the 1st com div provost co 52 to July 53,just N of Pintail Bridge then we moved to Glouster Valley in the winter then back again,we were with the Canadians and Australians and I was with Lofty Watts in tent known as Tiffys Den Black Hole of Calcutter,we were the mechanics.We was all good pals in the camp and we had some good times when it was a free night and I ran the generator for the lights and films.Iam afraid I cant remember names any more apart from cpl King.I came Home with a few M.PS on the Austorius,August 53?. Anybody remember me.

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