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Exhibition news: Vessels at the KCC

Vessels 1
The KCC’s exhibition for August and September is a juxtaposition of work by British and Korean ceramicists.

Vessels: Ceramicists from Korea & UK
Exhibition at the Korean Cultural Centre UK
12 August – 25 September 2008

Participating Artists (in alphabetical order):

Felicity Aylieff | Sena Gu | Jeong Yong Han | Chris Keenan | Sun Kim | Hyejeong Kim | Eun-bum Lee | Yong Phill Lee | Chun Soo Lee | Rupert Spira | Heesook Ko | Sol Yoon

The exhibition presents the unparalleled aesthetics and craftsmanship of the 21st century through the brilliant work of twelve artists. Representing both Korea and the UK, these artists have produced ceramic wonders that are not only breaking new ground but which also incorporate the uniquely congruent language of artistic ‘craft’, ‘design’, ‘tradition’ and ‘modernity’.

Bernard Leach (1887-1979), regarded as the father of British studio pottery, stressed that ceramicists of the 20th century ought to learn the techniques of the Joseon Dynasty masters to truly proceed. Admiring the “naked and unaffected freedom” of Joseon Buncheong wares he added that “it is the desire for the wholeness which draws us to the Korean pots.” Renowned British art historian William Honey stated that “the best Korean wares are not only original; they were the most gracious and unaffected pottery ever made. They have every virtue that pottery can have.”

This event marks the first occasion for an overview of cross-generational inspirations, often aligning masterpieces of active artists alongside those of their masters, colleagues or well-established apprentices. Such a genealogical flow, which transcends stylistic or geographical boundaries more than any other art form, gives ceramic arts a truly exhilarating heritage.

Korea and the UK both possess rich historical assets and a highly talented pool of ceramists which provides a vital foundation for further globalisation, academic research and public promotions.
Ceramics is an art genre that flourished for thousands of years, a historical legacy that uniquely takes in the four elements of the universe: earth, fire, water and wind. Ceramic art – the epitome of refinement – has the mysterious strength to surpass dynasties and cultural boundaries while attracting awe for its marvellous splendour and craftsmanship alike.

  • Screening of Korea Broadcasting System’s Documentary will be held throughout the exhibition.
  • Conversation with three specialists will be held on 9 September from 18:30, entitled “2 Perspectives on UK & Korean Ceramics” by Emmanuel Cooper and Martha Donaghey.
  • Ceramic Tile making session will be held on 6 September from 14:00. We accept early reservations.
  • Korean Illustrator Nanan will draw silhouettes of ceramics using big show windows of the Korean Cultural Centre.
work by Yoon Sol
work by Yoon Sol

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