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DPRK on the US terrorism list and verification

Just received from the DPRK embassy in London

Foreign Ministry Spokesman on DPRK’s Will to Cooperate in Verification of Objects of Nuclear Disablement

DPRK flagPyongyang, October 12 (KCNA) — A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA Sunday as regards the U.S.’s delisting the DPRK as “a state sponsor of terrorism”:

The DPRK-U.S. talks were held in Pyongyang from Oct. 1 to 3.

At the talks the two sides had an in-depth beneficial discussion on the issue of overcoming the obstacles and difficulties lying in the way of fulfilling the commitments to make political and economic compensation under the October 3 agreement and reached a series of agreements.

According to them, the U.S. administration took the final measure of writing the DPRK off the list of “state sponsors of terrorism” on Oct. 11.

We welcome the U.S. which has honored its commitment to delist the DPRK as “a state sponsor of terrorism” in the wake of ending the application of the Trading with the Enemy Act against the DPRK as it committed itself in the October 3 agreement.

As the U.S. fulfilled its commitment to make political compensation and a fair verification procedure in line with the phase of disablement was agreed upon between the DPRK and the U.S., the DPRK decided to resume the disablement of nuclear facilities in Nyongbyon and allow the inspectors of the U.S. and the IAEA to perform their duties on the principle of “action for action”.

This means that the DPRK shall cooperate in the verification of objects of the disablement of nuclear facilities on the premise that the October 3 agreement will be fully implemented.

To round off the implementation of the October 3 agreement in the days ahead shall depend on whether the U.S. measure of delisting the DPRK as “a state sponsor of terrorism” actually takes effect and the other five parties complete their economic compensation.


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