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LKL Quiz of the Year 2008

LKL’s second quiz of the year

1 Stressful times

What does the current credit crunch and the most recent DPRK nuclear test have in common?

a) the media blame them on an incompetent government who should have seen it coming and somehow prevented it
b) they would both cause a baby boom in South Korea, if it weren’t for the existence of condoms
c) they are both associated with foreign governments using anti-terror legislation to freeze bank accounts
d) they both cause falls in the KOSPI index

2 Photoshop trickery

Which of these photographs was definitely not Photoshopped?

1) Kim Jong-il examines the troops
2) Kim Jong-il in Reservoir Dogs (source)
3) Shin Jeong-ah standing by a bookcase (source)
4) Choi Ji-woo with Chow Yun-fat in Hong Kong

3 Getting your message across

Which of the following have not been used as weapons in international diplomacy or political debate on the Korean peninsula this year?

a) Condom-shaped balloons
b) Railway lines
c) Candles
d) Fire extinguishers
e) Sledgehammers
f) Flying shoes

4 Doing Time

Why should 68% of the male population of South Korea be in jail, but only 12% of women?

a) For driving under the influence of alcohol
b) For illegally downloading copyrighted digital media
c) For sleeping with someone who is not their spouse

5 Celebrity Factoids

Match the celebrity with the associated factoid

a) Bae Doo-na A) Sparked a cyberwar by not winning
b) Bada B) Included in the list of eight recipients of A-awards for the most successful people of the year
c) The Wonder Girls C) Launched a line of clothes and accessories
d) Kim Yu-na D) Published a photo book of Seoul
e) Kim Ji-woon E) Appeared in a production of Notre Dame de Paris
f) Lee Byung-hun F) Scored two mentions in Perez Hilton’s Hollywood gossip blog
g) Jang Dong-gun G) Appears dressed all in white in upcoming film
h) Rain H) Appointed goodwill ambassador for World Food Programme

Answers here.

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