DVD bargains to be had

SandglassIt’s January and there’s a recession just about everywhere. What better time to go bargain-hunting for those DVDs you’ve been meaning to buy for ages?

Currently, YesAsia has a TV Drama sale which offers up to 75% off English subtitled TV Dramas – though of course most of the bargains in the sale have slightly smaller discounts.

Probably the highlight of the sale is the seminal work Sandglass (모래 시계) (Wiki entry here), selling for just over £53 (not a huge saving, but sterling’s weakness is against us at the moment), or, for people who prefer something a bit more contemporary, there’s 2005’s biggest drama, My Lovely Samsoon, for about the same price.

My Lovely Samsoon

You don’t have to go on the internet to secure bargains. HMV in the Trocadero is selling Korean films from £5 at the moment – last Saturday I managed to pick up Park Chan-wook’s 6-disc Vengeance box set with subtitled director’s commentaries for £20. Play.com usually has some bargains as well – currently for example they have Musa (Zhang Ziji, Jung Woo-sung) for just £2.99.

The YesAsia TV-drama sale home page can be accessed by clicking the ad below.


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