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A new variation on a familiar pun

We all groan when we come across yet another pun involving the Republic of Korea’s capital city. Maybe I should get out more, but yesterday was the first time I had come across the Mart » 마트 » Mate pun. So, welcome Seoul Mate: not a London Korean dating agency but the latest Korean food store in central London.

Seoul Mate shopfront

Less intimidating than Hanna Supermarket, less cramped than the Centre Point Food Store, Seoul Mate opened in August 2008. The provisions are well laid-out, and things are easy to find compared with the other two stores. There’s some ready-made kimchis, but probably less than in the other two places, and certainly less fresh veg than Centre Point. Unusually, tucked into the front right hand window are a few Korean gifts – some green celadon pottery and some small lacquered jewellery boxes.

Seoul Mate can be found near the British Museum at 29 Museum Street, London, WC1A 1LH, on the other side of the road from Bibimbap restaurant.

2 thoughts on “A new variation on a familiar pun

  1. Hanna Supermarket is by far the best korean supermarket in london! It was the very first of its kind to open up in london and it has been around for many years. The owners are lovely people and will offer you friendly service. I have been to all the other stores but i find that original is always best. The good thing about Hanna is that they stock fresh homemade side dishes (i.e kimchi). They are also well known for their good quality meat such as samgyupsal (pork belly) and many people would certainly agree! They also sell kimbab from around 12 o clock but be quick because ive popped in only to find that they’ve all been sold 🙁

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