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An exhibition of Gangjin Celadon at the KCC


News of an upcoming ceramics exhibition at the KCC:

2009 European Road Show Exhibition of Gangjin Celadon Porcelain

14 July ~ 23 July 2009

ChokeThe Korean Cultural Centre proudly announces the upcoming exhibition of Gangjin Craft Exhibition at the Korean Cultural Centre UK.

Once beautifully crafted, the clay is fired and glazed, a simple process which makes Koryo dynasty Celadon porcelain one of mankind’s great creations.

The history of the development of ceramics has gone through progressive stages of earthenware pottery, ceramic pottery, celadon porcelain, and white porcelain. Though celadon porcelain wares were produced across Asia, namely in Korea, China and Vietnam, Koryo celadon porcelain specifically boasts truly outstanding artistic beauty.

CraneCompared with white porcelain wares with colourful designs, Koryo celadon porcelain wares were crafted using an inlaying technique by which designs were carved and filled with clay of various colours. The subject matter of the designs was taken from the natural world, and included such realistically expressed motifs as the sky, birds, clouds, flowers, fruits, animals, children and trees. The inlaying technique pursues a natural combination of clay and designs.

Koryo celadon porcelain was produced on the basis of a scientific understanding of the materials, and considerable trial and effort. As such, the transparent and bluish glazes and the inlaying technique are the key to producing perfect Koryo celadon porcelain. Koryo celadon porcelain is part of both traditional Korean culture and the world’s cultural heritage.

MelonGangjin, a beautiful city in Korea, is home to Koryo celadon porcelain. It was also a key military stronghold during the Koryo period, and has preserved traditional Korean culture better than anywhere else in Korea. We will hold a profoundly meaningful exhibition featuring demonstrations of the techniques used to produce celadon porcelain wares and performances of traditional Korean music, giving visitors an authentic taste of Korean culture.

Koryo celadon porcelain, the most representative traditional culture of Korea, holds a historical value and an artistic beauty.

We hope that you will visit this stunning exhibition of Koryo celadon porcelain wares and gain a greater insight into Korean beauty and tradition.


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