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LKL’s new content may become a bit sporadic over the next 10 days. I’m taking a quick break in Korea in between jobs. And, seeing that I’m likely to write a blog article or two about my trip, I thought I’d register LKL with the KTO’s Blog Korea competition. You too can join the fun.

Blog Korea

It all seems very simple. Register your blog at the Visit Korea website (link below), write an article or two, and the prizes could flood in – LG netbooks, Samsung cameras, and some trips to your favourite holiday destination: Korea.

Depending on how organised I am, I’m going to try to tick off a few world heritage sites while I’m there, and also meet up with one or two netizens. I’ll be armed with (Japanese) camera and (Chinese) netbook, so maybe there will be the occasional blog post from a hotel room somewhere near Insadong.

I’m hoping that all the tourists will be at Daecheon Beach for the inexplicable Boryeong Mud Festival (11-19 July), leaving the decent tourist sites relatively empty.


  • Blog Korea page on the Visit Korea website; or, because direct links to individual pages in the KTO website don’t always work, navigate to the page from the sidebar on the KTO home page

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  1. As far as I’m aware, the promotional event was last year and is now closed. Afraid you’ll have to browse round the KTO website to see if there’s any vestige left.

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