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Kick the Moon screens at the KCC

This Thursday’s screening is Kick the Moon by Attack the Gas Station director Kim Sang-jin. Here are the details from the KCC website:

Kick the Moon (신라의달밤)

Director : Kim Sang-jin (2001, 114 mns)
Venue : Multi-purpose Hall, KCC
Time : 23rd July 2009, 7:00pm

Kick the Moon still


Two old classmates reunite in a fight to the finish for the love of a woman. Ten years ago, a legendary fighter named Choi Gi-dong and a timid straight-A student named Park Young-joon leave for a high school field trip to an ancient city of Gyeongju. But during their journey, fate befalls on them as they experience an unforgettable incident that would change the course of their lives. One night during a school gala, Gi-dong leads his entire school to a huge brawl against a local gang while Young-joon chickens out and stays behind at the party by himself. A decade later, the two friends meet again at a cafe in Gyeongju. Ironically, Young-joon is now the head of the mob and Gi-dong is a physical education teacher. They are happy to see each other but at the same time are not eager at all to relive past memories. But before they can let bygones be bygones, Min Ju-ran appears. She is not only beautiful but she is the sister of Gi-dong’s pupil, Joo-sub. Joo-sub is a problematic student who wants to walk in Young-joon’s footsteps. It seems that history will repeat itself as Gi-dong and Young-joon begin their competition over Ju-ran. Though Young-joon planned to make his trip to Gyeongju a short visit, he extends his stay to win Ju-ran. The battle becomes complicated when Young-joon’s underworld rivals kidnap Ju-ran. Young-joon will have to put his gangster career and friendship on the line to rescue her. Who of them Ju-ran will choose, and what will happen to them?


2007 Kidnapping Granny K (Director)
2004 Ghost House (Screenplay, Director)
2003 Spring Breeze (Producer)
2002 Jail Breakers (Director)
2001 Kick The Moon (Director)
2001 Last Present (Producer)
1999 Attack the Gas Station! (Director)
1995 Millions in My Account (Director)

(The source of the information: Korean Film DB)

As usual, pre-registration with the KCC is required.

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